LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Today’s decisions affect youths

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Today’s decisions affect youths

Young people should have a seat at the table to help determine their own future

To the editor,

Re: City re-thinking decision to ditch youth council, Oct. 29.

I am writing to express my sincere pleasure in receiving news of the decision to not dissolve the Nanaimo Youth Advisory Council. As a former member of several years, I have witnessed the benefits this committee has had and would love to see it continue as it had prior to its temporary cessation.

From advising the RDN on allocations for transit funding based on the perspective of Nanaimo’s youth, to volunteering to run dunk tanks to raise money for Nanaimo Food Share, the NYAC has had a positive impact on, not only the leadership abilities of myself and other youth members, but the community as a whole. Many youth are too busy with school, work, sports, or other activities to be able to actively get involved in local politics. However, the decisions made now by our local government arguably affect youth more than anyone else in the long term. The job of the NYAC is to represent these youth and voice their perspectives to council. By doing so, young people get a seat at the table that will determine their future.

Once again, I am happy to hear the NYAC will not be dissolved. I hope applications will be opened soon and the committee will be able to continue their work as structured before.

Henry Waatainen, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

Re: Today’s decisions affect youths, Letters, Nov. 7.

I am also pleased the city council decided not to dissolve the Nanaimo Youth Advisory Council.

I encourage the youth of Nanaimo who are interested in social change to make use of the youth council. I understand the initial decision to discontinue the youth council was because it was inactive, i.e., not being used.

You may not be able to vote in elections yet, but you do have a voice and your voice can have great power. Just ask Greta Thunberg.

Raegan Fitch, Nanaimo

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