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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Youth council brought needed representation

Youth council has a wonderful voice to offer to city council, says letter writer

To the editor,

Re: City moves to dissolve youth advisory council, Oct. 17.

During my short time on the Nanaimo youth advisory council, I experienced and witnessed what an amazing impact the youth council had on our city. The youth council has a wonderful voice to offer to our city council; the voice of youth. It was enriching and powerful to get to represent and advocate for the needs of Nanaimo’s youth, speaking for those who couldn’t voice their concerns about our city.

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Nanaimo needs a youth council. Without it, the needs of the youth are not represented. Why get rid of something that has such a positive impact on the younger generation in Nanaimo?

The youth council spearheaded many important initiatives, raising money for child poverty, speaking at a conference in Whistler as to how other cities could start their own youth council and trying to increase fun events around the city to create a more fun and welcoming environment for youth. These initiatives did make a difference, and we had hoped to do more before our term had ended.

Nanaimo should be taking a step forward with their youth council and being a leader for other cities, not a step back by getting rid of such an important group.

Katrin Hannesson, Nanaimo

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