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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Small percentage ‘running roughshod’ in Nanaimo

Each of us need to be responsible for ourselves if we’re an adult, says letter writer
Citizens rally for public safety in the parking lot at Country Club Centre last month. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

Re: Residents repeat cries for safe city, Feb. 1.

The non-normal has taken over the normal and if you say something to the contrary you are now ostracized or put down. That is not being ‘tolerant, upholding equality or being representative’ of each person.

Instead of looking at a crime as a crime, we now look at the offender’s past. Too bad, I say, a crime is a crime. What about the victims?

Did you read the horrible stories in this paper about the victims of crime who spoke at the recent safety rally? And those who have been killed no longer have any rights, sadly they are dead.

Each of us need to be responsible for ourselves if we’re an adult. If you’re taking illegal drugs it is no excuse for hurting someone.

Those who commit crimes, definitely those who are repeat offenders, must be jailed no matter their excuses. If someone commits a crime when they are on drugs that must not be a defence. You are your own person.

Crown counsel needs to start charging culprits more and judges need to start handing out much stiffer sentences. Right now, crown counsel, judges and provincial and federal guidelines have become more than a joke – they are hurting and killing law-abiding citizens who are just trying to feed their families and live peaceful lives.

The non-normal, the less than one per cent, are running roughshod over the 99 per cent of us who are a civilized society.

Susan Marsden, Nanaimo

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