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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Revitalization efforts out of touch with what’s needed

City’s plans will choke downtown businesses, says letter writer
A map showing potential redesign of Commercial Street at the Diana Krall Plaza. (City of Nanaimo image)

To the editor,

Re: Council likes Commercial Street redesign plan, June 29.

Neither Nanaimo city council nor its senior staff seem to have a clue about how much a revitalized downtown will cost us nor whether the drawings that we paid for from the not-so-great consultants will even work.

The city is bent on slowing traffic, putting up stop signs, narrowing streets – but isn’t that going to choke downtown businesses from being able to make a buck, especially after the COVID plague? Isn’t a central business district all about business, not riding your bike or getting so mad at your drive downtown to pick up stuff you won’t even want to go there?

And residents voted overwhelmingly on the city’s own website saying they did not want a transit exchange anywhere in the 500 block of Terminal Avenue. So why is the city ramming through with it anyway, didn’t they want us to have our say? Putting a bus depot there is crazy, amongst the riff-raff already lighting fires and throwing garbage all over that neighbourhood.

Why in the heck did council vote for this? Oh, right, because it’s our money and all of them don’t care how much they raise our taxes and do the things they do.

J.C. Broderick, Nanaimo

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Areas of Nanaimo outside the downtown need attention

To the editor,

Re: Council likes Commercial Street redesign plan, June 29.

Nanaimo taxpayers for some reason remain silent about their money being wasted on these boondoggle, white elephant, money pit projects that only make for bragging rights for city council, all the while the social issues continue to fester and grow with no sign of help.

Nanaimo council should get a book on Economics 101 to make a proper budget that prioritizes wise spending.

Al Munro, Nanaimo

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