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Nanaimo-Ladysmith candidates challenge Green incumbent on party unity

Manly says leadership tiff won’t impact campaign at the local level
Green Party candidates Elizabeth May and Paul Manly at Manly’s Nanaimo-Ladysmith campaign launch on Aug. 15 at Maffeo Sutton Park. (News Bulletin file photo)

Any division in the Green Party of Canada about Annamie Paul’s leadership is not something that will impact the campaign trail in Nanaimo-Ladysmith, says the local Green candidate.

Paul Manly, Green incumbent in the riding, was asked about political opponents’ comments around division within the Green Party. The party’s executive council considered a non-confidence vote in Paul as recently as last month and Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin crossed the floor from the Greens to the Liberals the month before that.

“Right here in my community we are totally united,” said Manly. “People that think that a few people at the top of the party having a tiff … is going to affect Vancouver Island have another think coming. They’ll be surprised.”

Lisa Marie Barron, NDP candidate, was asked earlier in the week whether the Green Party’s recent leadership challenge would make that party more vulnerable in Nanaimo-Ladysmith.

“All I know is that while they’re fighting amongst themselves, the NDP is fighting for people,” Barron said.

Tamara Kronis, Conservative Party candidate, said the Green Party has “squandered that potential” that she once saw and has lost its way.

“Every time you open up the newspaper you don’t see a party that’s fighting for Canadians, you see a party of Canadians who are fighting with each other,” Kronis said. “The party seems to be far more focused on other issues, and not on the issues that gave the Green Party potential.”

Manly said other parties are trying to deflect attention from the shortcomings in their platforms. He noted that the Greens are in the process of choosing a new party executive and said there is always a leadership review after an election.

“All that stuff will play out and it’s not an issue in my campaign … There’s no division in the party here,” he said.

The federal election is Sept. 20. Candidates in Nanaimo-Ladysmith include Manly of the Greens, Kronis representing the Conservatives, Barron for the NDP and Michelle Corfield of the Liberal Party.

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