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Council candidate concerned about Nanaimo’s ‘progressive’ direction

David Wang one of 29 candidates running for Nanaimo city council
David Wang is running for Nanaimo city council. (Photo submitted)

A conservative candidate for Nanaimo council is running because he’s concerned about the city’s direction toward “progressive ideology.”

David Wang, 42, is one of 29 people running for eight councillor positions with the City of Nanaimo. With so many candidates, Wang differentiates himself by being very clear about where he stands on the political spectrum.

“I want to be known in Nanaimo as a social and fiscal conservative. That’s how I was brought up. That’s my philosophy,” he said.

He’s got concerns about Nanaimo’s city plan which he said sets a course toward becoming a World Economic Forum-influenced “smart city” where 5G connections and surveillance come in exchange for privacy and independence.

“Progressives play upon people’s emotion, people’s compassion, people’s sensitivity to push an agenda which is geared toward societal control,” Wang said.

His election platform calls for the introduction of a mobile app called ‘My Tax Money Nanaimo,’ similar to the city’s waste collection app, which he said works great. A tax app, he said, would provide accountability, as it would include councillors’ voting records, and would make information about city spending more accessible to more citizens.

“A few swipes, a few clicks, you’ll see exactly how much a projected project is expected to cost, how much it will raise your property taxes and do you genuinely want to fund this,” he said.

Another one of his ideas is to organize expert debates, pertaining to current council business, to be held at city meetings. He feels the debates would help councillors hear both sides of issues and also help the public determine if councillors make the right decisions.

On crime and public safety, Wang said there’s no place in Nanaimo for people who commit destructive or violent crime – he thinks they should be in jail or in rehabilitation centres. He recognizes some approaches are out of the city’s hands, but thinks the city can pressure the province.

“I want to flood the B.C. court system with cases so they will see this is a real problem and they can’t just keep using catch and release…” Wang said. “This is what I mean by progressive cities degenerating into lawlessness.”

He noted that sexual orientation and gender identity education is something for school trustees, not city councillors, to decide upon, but said he’s “vehemently” opposed to SOGI education and said when people tell him he’s heartless, he tells them he’s conservative.

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