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Candidate wants to bring business sense and accountability to RDN’s Area A

Carl Delcourt seeks to become regional director for Cassidy, Cedar, Yellow Point, South Wellington
Carl Delcourt says taxation for Regional District of Nanaimo electoral area A is “out of control” and seeks to rein it in if elected as area director. (Submitted photo)

A business person and heavy-duty mechanic is running to be Regional District of Nanaimo Area A director because he thinks South Wellington-Cassidy-Cedar needs an overhaul.

Carl Delcourt says residents have been burdened with “completely out-of-control taxation” and that can’t continue. Taxes have increased close to 27 per cent over the past four years, according to the RDN, and he says most people haven’t seen any kind of improvement.

“The biggest topic I’ve got from talking to people is that particular issue,” said Delcourt. “And having some accountability – the current incumbent doesn’t answer his e-mails, he doesn’t make contact with you, I’m making my phone number, e-mail, everything available so that I’m accountable for what I’m doing.”

With a B.C. water and waste operator training certification for small water systems, Delcourt said he has good understanding of municipal water systems. Improvement is needed in outlying areas such as Cranberry, South Wellington and Cassidy, he said.

Delcourt said higher taxes are unsustainable and are not in line with household incomes. People are not getting 30 per cent wage increases and are lucky to see a one-per cent raise, he said.

“There’s something seriously wrong with the system … if I got on the board, I want to see a yearly cap, they cannot exceed without going to referendum to bring it under control, because it’s too easy for them to say another 13 per cent, another 15 per cent, another 10 per cent,” he said. “It can’t keep increasing the way it’s increasing. It’s simple math and that’s mainly why I’m going after it.”

The RDN operates like a business, he said, adding that his experience is transferable to the board table.

“I had an incorporated business, a diesel repair company, and in that I had to estimate jobs … price of the job, making sure bills are paid, and that I budget, because in that particular trade, you have to buy tooling, you have to buy parts, you have to know where the money’s coming [from] every month and if you don’t budget properly, you aren’t going to last very long,” Delcourt said.

Anyone running for mayor or councillor in the City of Nanaimo or the District of Lantzville, regional director in the Regional District of Nanaimo’s Area A, B, C or E, or school trustee in School District 68 is asked to contact the Nanaimo News Bulletin to set up an interview or invite us to a campaign launch event. Phone Greg Sakaki at 250-734-4621 or e-mail

ELECTION 2022: Candidates in Nanaimo, Lantzville, RDN and SD68

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