Shima club wins B.C. titles

Isak Maximchuk

Isak Maximchuk

Shima Karate School athletes rose to the challenge of provincials. Club members won 34 medals at Karate B.C.’s championships Jan. 22-23 in Burnaby. Medallists include:

Seven-and-under girls – Jade Fearn, bronze, forms.

8-9-year-old girls – Hannah Darmadi, gold, forms.

8-9-year-old boys – Brendan Rogers, silver, sparring, bronze, forms; Joel Bilyk, bronze, sparring.

Nine-and-under – Samantha Wolff, silver, team; Fletcher Falk, silver, team; Hannah Darmadi, silver, team; Cameron Niziol, bronze, team; Joel Bilyk, bronze, team; Jordan Khakh, bronze, team.

10-11-year-old girls – Olivia Vallee, bronze, forms; Christina Craig, bronze, forms; Sage Thomas, bronze, forms, bronze, sparring.

12-13-year-old boys – Isak Maximchuk, gold, forms; Dayton Popham, bronze, forms.

14-15-year-old boys – Dustin Schulz, silver, forms; Emlyn Folkes, silver, forms, silver team; Shahil Lal, bronze, forms, silver, team; Dylan Evenson, bronze, sparring; Jordan Sunnus, silver, team.

14-15-year-old girls – Bernadette Alvarez, gold, forms, silver, sparring.

16-17-year-old boys – Scott Zmaeff, gold, sparring, gold, forms.

17-and-under – Bernadette Alvarez, gold, weapons; Emlyn Folkes, bronze, weapons; Dustin Schulz, silver, team; Zahnil Lal, silver, team; Jacob Kitchen, silver, team.

18-and-under – Scott Zmaeff, bronze, weapons.

Men’s – Luke Stepkowski, silver, sparring; James Locke, gold, forms, gold, sparring.

Women’s – Amy Pye, gold, forms, gold, sparring; Andrea Miskelly, bronze, forms.