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Players eagerly await lacross season

NANAIMO – Awards presented during Nanaimo District Lacrosse Association annual general meeting.

As mentioned in this space two weeks ago, it’s already time to start thinking about the upcoming spring box lacrosse season.

Both the Junior A and Senior B Timbermen have already announced plans for the year ahead. Then this past week came word from the Senior A Timbermen that they have made some player moves. The Timbermen have to be looking forward eagerly to the Western Lacrosse Association draft, which will be held on Feb. 16. The T-men will benefit from a number of high picks in the first several rounds. So team officials are hoping that the team will be competitive this year, and be able to put several seasons of disappointment behind them.

As for minor lacrosse, the Nanaimo District Lacrosse Association has already held two drop-in registration sessions. Now any further registrations must be done online through the association website at Players ages 5-19 can still sign up, but note that late fees will come into effect on Feb. 15.

NDLA vice president Brande Terris sends word that numerous team, divisional, and association awards were presented at the organization's annual general meeting.

For the team awards, a most inspirational, most sportsmanlike, and most improved player was identified from each squad. Most inspirational winners were Maddy Thomas from peewee girls, Katie Terry of bantam girls, and Jessica Ory from midget girls. Jamie Birch was the recipient from the peewee boys C team, Micheal Edwards from peewee boys B, and Matt Boas from peewee boys A. From the bantam boys C team, Bruno Sanderson was named most inspirational player, along with Mat Gilson from bantam boys B, Riley Gannon of bantam boys A, Aidan Jones from midget boys C, and Jayden Tomiyama of the midget boys A team.

Most sportsmanlike award winners were Avery Winchell from the peewee girls, Amber Grais of bantam girls, and Mackinna Bourque of midget girls. Jordan Conroy was chosen from the peewee boys C team, Cole Prontack from peewee boys B, and Logan Dean of peewee boys A. At the bantam level, most sportsmanlike players were Lyndan Wellwood from bantam boys C, Mattaeus Dawson from bantam boys B, and Dylan Clark from bantam boys A. Midget winners were Hugh Joly from midget boys C, and Jake McGonigle of midget boys A.

Chosen as most improved from their respective teams were Sarah Cooper of peewee girls, Meagan Sharpe from bantam girls, and Taelor Zarkovic of midget girls. Reggie Brooks was the recipient from peewee boys C, Jake Jones from peewee boys B , and Jake McInnes from peewee boys A. Bantam boys C team winner was Trystan Seward Good, with Jordan Edwards picked from bantam boys B, and West Cateaux of bantam boys A. Midget boys C team most improved was Ben Whiting, and midget boys A winner was Will Hawthornthwaite.

Divisional awards saw a best player chosen from each age level. Those selected were Keira Martin from peewee girls, Olivia Ory from bantam girls, and Sarah Ferguson of midget girls. Andrew Bowman was selected as best player from peewee boys, Tosh Paziuk from bantam boys, and Karson Gregory from the midget boys division.

Major association awards included a best goalie honour for Colby Bowman. Aidan Collery was chosen as defensive player of the year, Chirstien Harris as most sportsmanlike player, and Biranna Cooper as most improved player on the season. The referee of the year award went to Tyrel Bursaw. Manager of the year in NDLA was Sukh Mehta, coach of the year was Brett Fleming, and the prestigious Lacrosse Boy award was given to Garrett Watson.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.