Junior Bulldogs won’t sit idly by

Barsby coach takes drastic action to get his undefeated junior varsity football team a game.

The junior varsity Barsby Bulldogs are an excellent football team, but they haven’t had many chances to prove it.

So, on the eve of the playoffs, the JV ’Dawgs decided to take drastic action.

After another opposing team forfeited last week rather than face the high-scoring, hard-hitting Bulldogs (3-0), Rob Stevenson made an unheard-of coaching decision. He offered to put his team’s playoff berth on the line, a week before the post-season, against any willing non-playoff team.

B.C. High School Football gave its blessing and the Argyle Pipers (3-3) accepted the challenge.

So all of a sudden, there’s a do-or-die, win-and-get-in, de facto playoff game tomorrow (Nov. 9) in Nanaimo.

“We’ve got to beat everybody anyway,” said Stevenson. “And in the end, a football season is so precious because it’s not that long … [It’s] short and so is a high school football career, really.”

Stevenson made his decision unilaterally, but said the players understand the move. They don’t think coach has gone crazy.

“You are what you do every day so let’s go play some gal dang football,” Stevenson said. “I think we’ve got some football players at John Barsby who want to play football.”

GAME ON … The JV ’Dawgs and Pipers play at noon Wednesday at Merle Logan Field.