Kirra Montrose

Kirra Montrose

Elementary school athletes on the right track at district meet

Track season came to an exciting conclusion with the hosting of the annual Nanaimo District Elementary School Track and Field Championships.

The spring track season came to an exciting conclusion this month for local elementary students, with the hosting of the annual Nanaimo District Elementary School Track and Field Championships at Rotary Bowl stadium. This week we highlight the top three finishers in each age group from events in girls’ competition at the district meet…

In the tyke (born 2003-04) age division, Pauline Haarer runner Jami Hartwick had a strong meet, winning both the 200m and 400m events and placing second in the 100m dash. First in the 100m was Justine Henriques from Ecole Oceane, with Oliva Hoefer from Hammond Bay taking third. Second and third places in both the 200m and 400m went to Hammond Bay athletes Ava Alexander and Maya Little respectively.

Bailey Rossnagel representing Hammond Bay won both the 800m and 1500m events, with Quarterway runner Kate Cameron second in both races. Courtney Ingram from Randerson took third in the 800m and Christine Harper of Cilaire was third in the 1500m.

With field events for tyke girls, Olivia Hoefer from Hammond Bay won the long jump, outleaping Jocelyn Maguire of Mountain View and Sara Andrews from Rock City. In the high jump, Maya Little from Hammond Bay was first, Braelynn Folster of Rutherford second and Trinity LaRose of Randerson Ridge third. Park Avenue’s Shaylynn Postema won the softball throw, with Chelsea LeGood from Chase River second and Rutherford’s Haliyah Steer third.

Competition on the track for peewee (born 2001-02) girls saw Rutherford athletes Heather Bray and Courtney Anderton finish first and second in the 100m. Anderton also won the 200m, while Bray took second in 400m. McGirr’s Maria Johnson was second in 200m and third in 100m. Fastest in the 400m was Tarynn Sparks from Quarterway. Third-place finishers were Danielle Norman from Mountain View in 200m and Cilaire’s Jade Bodner in 400m.

In the longer distances, Evelynne Pallard of Hammond Bay was a double winner, claiming first in both the 800m and 1500m. Rock City’s Karly Dickenson and Seaview’s Delaney O’Toole were second and third in 800m. Second in 1500m went to Chelsa Stansfield from Rock City, with Mountain View’s Ava Johnson in third place.

Cinnabar’s Kaitlyn Watson was first in both long jump and triple jump and was also third in high jump. Second and third in long jump were McGirr’s Erica MacDonald and Ali Hunter from Randerson Ridge. Elise Therrien of Hammond Bay was second in triple jump, with Nicole Laron of Frank J. Ney third. First place in high jump went to Delaney O’Toole from Seaview and second place to Makenzie Svenson of Randerson Ridge.

In throwing events for peewee girls, top three discus throwers were Seaview’s Savannah Georgeson, Jill Jeffrey of Uplands Park and Jenna Rodway from Rock City. In shot put, Kijiana Elliot of Coal Tyee was first, Jordan Cooper from Forest Park second and Jesse Park of Cilaire third. Quarterway’s Morgan Poystila won the softball throw, with Kiley Ludlow from North Oyster second and Sadie McMullan of Ladysmith Intermediate third.

For bantam (born 1999-2000) girls, a highlight on the track was provided by Quarterway runner Alicia Fiandor, who tied a district record by winning the 100m in 13.3 seconds. Behind her came Julia Metrowich of McGirr in second and Kylene Graham from Georgia Avenue in third. Cinnabar’s Jessica Katzberg was first in the 200m and Paige Finlay of Randerson Ridge second. Ladysmith’s Amy Parker took third in 200m, then ran to first place in the 400m event. Cinnabar’s Hope Stewart placed second in that distance and was first in the 1500m. Third in both 400m and 800m was Sophie Scobie from Randerson. First in 800m, as well as third in 1500m, went to Davis Road athlete Marina Anderson. Second in 800m was Mahala Grubac from North Cedar and second in 1500m was Sofia Robinson of Seaview.

In field events, Sarah Kedves of Davis Road was tops in high jump, Alicia Fiandor from Quarterway in long jump and Emerson Browne of Ladysmith in triple jump. Seaview’s Morgan Burke took second in both high jump and triple jump, while Chase River’s Carmen Murphy was third in high jump and long jump. McGirr’s Julia Metrowich placed second in long jump and Rutherford’s Cara Dunlop was third in triple jump.

Top three in the discus throw were Jessica Katzberg from Cinnabar, Carmen Murphy of Chase River and Savanna Bice of Rock City. In shot put, Pauline Haarer’s Madeleine Thorkelsson took first, Makenna Yoxall of Pleasant Valley second and Alicia Fiandor from Quarterway third.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

Ian Thorpe writes about sports Saturdays.