Curlers sweep up awards

NANAIMO – This week we’ll recap the winning teams from the ladies’ leagues that were organized during the past year.

With the local curling season now finished, award banquets for the various divisions of competition have been taking place. This week we’ll recap the winning teams from the ladies’ leagues that were organized during the past year. My thanks first of all to women’s division secretary-treasurer Jessie Whittam for passing along news from the ladies’ awards night.

In the Monday night league, the first portion of the year saw all teams competing in a round-robin format. Following that, teams were divided into A and B squares. First place in the round-robin went to the team of Penny Shantz, Tracey Newlands, Debbie Pulak and Heather Lindsay-Lecuyer. In second place came the team of Kesa Van Osch, Kalia Van Osch, Marika Van Osch, Cindy Van Osch and Megan Blake.

In the subsequent A square, the Shantz team claimed first place, with second taken by the entry of Judy Gallacher, Gloria Palinkas, Sharon Luttrell and Capri Koster. Winners of B square were skip Teri Palynchuk and her teammates Carolle MacIntosh, Linda Torgerson and Denise Wood. Runners-up were skip Nicole Backe along with Janelle Erwin, Helene Delisle and Marla Guldbransen. Receiving the Able Trophy as overall aggregate winners based on total points for the entire season was the Shantz team, while the Van Osch squad earned the P&P Plumbing Trophy as aggregate runners-up.

From the Tuesday Alina Abott Images Business Women’s League, top team in the round-robin was that of Darcy Dreger, Eleanor Voysey, Patty Pedersen, Sandy Wilkinson and Diana Baker.  The Dreger team also took home the Baker Supply Trophy for placing second in the aggregate point total. Finishing tied for second in the round-robin were Marla Guldbransen with her team of Kelsey Brown, Angela Butcher and Jessica Pyett, skip Capri Koster together with Noreen Martin, Heather Chase and Janille Michell and skip Ruth Thorpe together with Carol Ramey, Pat Johnson and Patty Stapleton.

Winner of the Tuesday A square competition, as well as the Mid-Isle Holdings Trophy as aggregate winners, was the Koster foursome and runners-up in A square were the Thorpe team. First place in B square went to the entry of Nina Mangano, Dorothy Brown, Filomena Cavezza and Lynn Johnston.

From the Thursday afternoon league, the team of Lindsay-Lecuyer, Angela Wood, Sharon Wright and Barb Cox won several honours. The foursome won two A square titles, took the red square title and also received the Thrifty Foods Trophy for placing first in overall aggregate points.

Claiming the Island Timberlands Trophy for second in aggregate standings was skip Marg Obee together with teammates Martin, Thorpe and Moyra Graham. The Obee foursome also won the third A square title. The first B square went to Doris Toms, Pat Merkel, Bobbie Mawdsley and Trudy Knelson. Winners of the second B square were Carol Tromans, Wilkinson, Susan Lobregt and Sylvia Johnson and the third square went to Jessie Whittam and her team of Wood, Nanci McArthur and Susan Barber. Blue square winners during the season were Shirley Sloan, Alina Abbott, Joan Hall and Mo Williams.

Honoured as Ladies’ Club Championship winners from this season were Shantz and her team of Newlands, Pulak and Kelly Bleau. Runners-up were Lindsay-Lecuyer, Wood, Wright and Cox. The Lindsay-Lecuyer squad went on to represent Nanaimo and win the Travelers Curling Club Championship Island South Challenge, then claim the silver medal at the provincial Pacific International Cup.

Also at the NCC ladies’ awards night, Patty Pedersen was added to the Frankie Shaw Honour Roll for her many contributions to the club.

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.