Coaches’ week includes certification courses

To mark B.C. Coaches' Week, PacificSport is hosting a full slate of courses on Vancouver Island.

Coaches’ week isn’t just a time to honour coaches, it’s also a time to create some new ones.

To mark B.C. Coaches’ Week, PacificSport is hosting a full slate of courses on Vancouver Island – including several free certification courses – starting Sept. 20, and there is lots of space to sign up.

“Normally they’re totally sold out every year,” said Kevin Lindo, PacificSport V.I.’s athlete and coach services coordinator. “For some reason it’s very slow and it’s starting next week so we really want to push and get the numbers filled up.”

Most of the free National Coaching Certification Program courses are being held at Campbell River and Port Alberni, but since the courses cost $125 at other times of year, they may still appeal to Nanaimoites.

“It’s a great opportunity for people who are already involved in sport, who are looking to actually get their qualifications,” Lindo said. “It’s also a great … introduction into coaching, the first steps. And also there are courses for people who want to specialize, as well.”

An example of a free course in Nanaimo is fundamental movement skills, which deals with physical literacy.

“It’s a very topical debate right now, on how it’s so important for kids to get that fundamental movement happening and live an active, healthy lifestyle,” Lindo said.

A benefit of Canada’s NCCP courses, he said, is that they bring together representatives from different sports.

“This stream, this pathway of coaching, it’s unique, it’s very refreshing, it really makes you a more well-rounded coach,” said Lindo. “Instead of everyone doing their own thing, this really networks everybody together.”

PacificSport can host the free courses thanks to funding from ViaSport and the provincial government. There are numerous coaching courses being offered in Nanaimo that cost between $10-$75 during B.C. Coaches’ Week. For more information or to register for any of the courses, please click here.