City’s soccer players keep up quick pace

The local youth soccer season wrapped up recently with the presentation of medals to top teams in league play this past year…

As mentioned previously, the local youth soccer season wrapped up recently with the presentation of medals to top teams in league play this past year. This week we review results from girls’ competition…

Winners of the U13 league this season were the Rebels, coached by Rustin Abdurahman and Andy Clarke. Rebels players were Isabel Adburahman, Cheyenne Burrell, Emma Canil, Jules Clark, Samantha Dimter, Kaylee Drinkwater, Kylie Kiefer, Jodi Lekx, Kiera Lowrey, Megan McCrae, Megan Munro, Samara Paine, Kylee Smith, Taylor Sunderberg-Groot and Rebecca Strasky.

Claiming second place was the Harbour City Football Club squad led by coaches Chris Cake and Lise Anderson. On the roster were Nicole Andrews, Emily Cake, Emily Dinh, Shayesteh Fouladgar, Mercedes Hunt, Kylene Graham, Jiayin He, Sydney Kool, Brianne Knowles, Jessica Ory, Taylor Patenaude, Sophie Scobie, Jenna Smith and Robyn VanZyl.

In third place came Team Spain, consisting of players Riley Graff, Emily Bassett, Hannah Wiwchar, Beatrice Capstick, Christina Harry, Jessica Harry, Nicole Briggs, Carmen Murphy, Keely Dodds, Karissa Coughty, Sam Caul, Claudia Fletcher, Gabrielle Gilbert and Holly Cochrane. Coaches were Jody Graff and Richard Harry.

From the U14/15 girls’ league, top team was the squad named Las Diablitas. West Jepson was head coach, assisted by Michele Behie, Brian Kehoe and Karissa Fowler. On the roster were Alex Behie, Amy Boland, Riley Carwell, Amy Cooke-Yarborough, Claire Corfield, Taylor Craik, Alayna Crane, Janeeva Dent, Chloe Fedoruk-Corless, Jade Flynn, Kaylin Fowler, Mccalli Franklin, Abbie Jepson, Jasper Parsley-Kehoe, Myia Resendes, Kassidy Ruelle, Tanisha Seymour and Alice Shin.

Runner-up was Harbour City Team Canada, with players Haley Anderson, Kierra Anderson, Lexi Antonenko, Allysha Bissessur, Angihe Bolivar, Danielle Bordeleau, Lexi Cairo, Hayley Goodwin, Haylee Grobowski, Sabrina Milligan, Amanda Pridge, Taydem Skirrow, Angel Sunnar, Emma Toulouse-Makay, Alex Watts, Alijah Williams, Rachael Worden-Gill and Hailey Zonneveld. Kevin Goodwin, Ken Anderson and Cliff Robinson coached the girls.

Turning to U16/18, the top girls’ team in league play was HCFC’s Team Spain. Sean Lowrence coached players Elyse Brown, Anna Fisher, Danielle Frinton, Imannjot Gill, Zayge Klein, Teala Lane, Grace McCheyne, Lauren McAughren, Rachel Miller, Anjali Parmar, Sarah Poteryko, Tanis Scott, Reanna Sexton, Carli Stephens, Samantha Williams, Riley Williamson and Julie Zhao.

In second place came Renegades FC, with players Leah Ball, Taylor Bassett, Marissa Borrelli, Jessica Brocklehurst, Hailey Davies, Brooke Dendl, Kelsey Dougan, Ashley Elliott, Hayley Ferguson, Cara Frey, Ciara Murphy, Victoria Pallard, Hayley Price, Tarryn Robinson, Sierra Spracklin, Marley Tourout and Megan Winkel. Coaches were Scott Ferguson and Cliff Robinson.

Third was the Dynamite squad, headed up by coaches Stuart Kirk, Andy Stanhope and Chris Wilson. On the roster were Kaileigh Ainsworth, Alexa Berg, Heavenly Brock, Brooke Chase, Chyanne Clark, Olivia Collins, Shania Frampton, Marnie Gallop, Delaney Gunn, Marissa Hanson, Emma Lamperson, Sean Mang, Claudia Ritzker, Laura Shortt, Sarah Spencer, Keah Stanhope, Greta Wratislav, Kyra Wilson and Crysta Wilson.

Now, the Thorpe Report is going to take a few weeks off to enjoy the remainder of the summer!

Whatever your sport, a reminder in closing to play your hardest, play fair, and show good sportsmanship.

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