Writer’s review of columnist right on target

Re: Columnist’s views raise valid concerns, Letters, June 14.

To the Editor,

Re: Columnist’s views raise valid concerns, Letters, June 14.

Keith Sketchley’s criticism of Karen Hodgson’s letter about your columnist, Tom Fletcher, is quite off the mark, and in fact, is quite hateful in itself.

Hodgson wrote an excellent letter. Fletcher usually presents a very narrow view of an issue and he covers the lack of objectivity up by calling citizens names. Sketchley himself falls into that by using the term new-Marxist. Since when do we cast aspersions on people wanting to better our society?

Sketchley closes by saying that Hodgson couldn’t make a rational case for her arguments. It’s easy to negate Fletcher’s hollow assertions.

In one column, Fletcher took great pains to tell us how the HST loss was causing the Christy Clark government to rush through complicated legislation that would bring back the GST. He points out, of course, that the NDP and we, the lowly people who expressed our will, were the cause of this event. Governments surely have better things to do, he implies.

Let me tell Fletcher this; Clark and her government sit for only 47 days of the year. They get three times the pay that teachers do, but only work one-third of the time. If the Clark government really needed time for the complicated HST-to-GST legislation, let her schedule more time for the debate. It would do government members good to actually work on legislation that serves people, not their corporate masters.

Hodgson was right on in her review of your columnist. His very narrow biased approach to writing is obvious to most readers.

Klaus Nenn