Work requires estimates

NANAIMO – Re: Estimates sought to rebuild dams, Jan. 3.

To the Editor,

Re: Estimates sought to rebuild dams, Jan. 3.

I should be delighted to learn that city council agreed to explore options other than removal of the two 100-year-old dams in Colliery Dam Park.

The two beautiful lakes formed by these dams are a treasure to this neighbourhood and vital to the well being of the whole Harewood community.

The Save the Colliery Dams representatives, spearheaded by Jeff Solomon and others, have presented council with a number of economical and reasonable alternatives.

So why do I feel so skeptical that nothing will turn out right?

When I hear that a conceptual cost estimate to find alternatives to removing the dams will be undertaken at a cost of $60,000,  I feel I am the one being sent to the undertaker.

What is up with council? Doesn’t it conduct business like everybody else? Doesn’t it shop around like the rest of us when making a purchase?

I thought everyone knew that when they need some work done around the house that entailed anything more complicated than raking leaves, it’s a good idea to get at least two or three estimates.

The answer  to this dam dilemma is simple. Get three estimates to upgrade the dams to the required standards.

From all reports, it will be much less expensive than the removal cost of $7 million being touted. But just in case, get a few more solid estimates for removal.

When all estimates are in, council will at least have some figures to work with. Meanwhile, hit the province up for the removal price of seven million, upgrade the dams and when all is said and done, send the government back what’s leftover.

Bob Warden