Voters need to oppose secrecy

To the Editor,

Re: Legal opinions over conflict of interest kept private, Feb. 12.

In the light of no information, here are some my views on this subject, as well as expressing my dismay with the council decision.

From a simplified perspective, Coun. Bill Bestwick either was, or was not, in conflict of interest.

If he was not, then it is in his own and council’s interest to tell the public why he is innocent.

If he was in conflict, or a perceived conflict, then it is still in his interest to fess up, or make some kind of excuse.

It is also the duty of council to ensure that this happens.

So, this letter is a call to action to all voters and taxpayers to make sure that the mayor and councillors do not get away with the cover up.

Write or call and ask the mayor and each councillor if he or she is willing to reconsider making this information public.

If not, then vote accordingly as soon as we are able and continue to protest publically to show our disapproval.

Dave Tyler