Too many questions on smart meters

Re: Answers needed on smart meters, Letters, Oct. 18.

To the Editor,

Re: Answers needed on smart meters, Letters, Oct. 18.

Having done a lot of “googling” and reading about smart meters, I have come to the conclusion I don’t want one anywhere near my house either.

One Google video showed a radiation measuring device being held in front of three different smart meters for one minute, and when compared to three different cellphones, measured for the same length of time, the smart meters’ radiation emissions were quite a bit higher than the cellphones.

I have also heard that vegetation planted anywhere near a smart meter will die. So, if it kills vegetation, what on earth is it going to do to us?

I have heard that wrapping the smart meter in aluminum foil will contain the radiation somewhat, but don’t know if that’s a fact.

So, if we do as Sue Oakley suggested in her letter – refuse to have a smart meter installed if a letter showing medical liability insurance is not provided by the installer – what are we faced with?

Will B.C. Hydro deny us electrical service if we refuse the installation? Can they do this? Does anyone know?

Diana Walker



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