Times have changed for education in B.C.

Re: Education trumps extra-curriculars, Letters, April 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Education trumps extra-curriculars, Letters, April 24.

It has been 50-plus years since I attended school in  Quesnel B.C.

Although the Cariboo Junior-Senior High School has since burned and was replaced many years ago, I have such fond memories of my teachers.

I remember classrooms of 36-40 children, pre-school band practice, noon band practice, after-school practice, choir practices, sports after school, all on the teachers’ time.

I also remember in Grade 10, our teacher saying she considered teachers as professional and professionals do not  go on strike.

I remember having the Lord’s Prayer each morning, a bible reading, and when we had school meetings in the gym, we always sang Oh Canada and God Save the Queen.

I wonder how many of our students now even know the lyrics to these songs?

I also remember the teacher dress code – dresses, skirts and blouses, and dress shoes. The pride they had in being a teacher.

The students took pride in their appearance also, all females wore skirts or dresses, no jeans or long pants. In the winter we wore long stockings.

There was a little bullying, but nothing like today. It wasn’t tolerated. We had the ‘strap’ as a deterrent and detentions after school.

How times have changed and our teachers can’t possibly have the pride that our teachers did.

Students call them by their first names, they wear jeans to teach school, won’t give of their time without more money, no report cards.

Our poor students. And you wonder where the respect has gone.

Do they deserve it? You have to earn it.

Act professional, dress professional and deserve and demand respect.

June Nogier