Time to move on from marina

NANAIMO – Re: Basin issue needs two-way communication, Letters, Feb. 23.

To the Editor,

Re: Basin issue needs two-way communication, Letters, Feb. 23.

It really is time to wake up the Nanaimo waterfront by stepping back and looking at the potential.

The industrial docks and multiple ferry terminals that dot the waterfront of Nanaimo make no sense and is disorganized.

Pushing the current truck traffic ferry to its designed location at Duke Point is the first step to reorganization. Reshuffling the waterfront usage would solve all the problems. Its current layout between the boat basin and the rail yard needs to be reshuffled and redeveloped to include affordable public launch, parking and dock access. And Nanaimo’s ugly, redundant waterfront industrial dead zones need to go.

The Gabriola ferry terminal would be better served by moving it to the current industrial truck terminal across from Port Place shopping centre. The current ferry terminal location is a better place for docking the resident traffic that is currently using the boat basin.

Add to this conversation a suggestion of dredging the historically industrial polluted Millstone estuary and make it another useful area. The Millstone estuary is a diamond in the rough sitting behind fenced blackberry bushes. It currently serves no purpose but could have many tourism and recreational uses.

Start thinking outside of the boat basin box. The ink is dry on that deal, so it is time to move on, redevelop and build newer and better things.

Matt James