Telus secretive about tower plan

Re: Another cell tower proposed for city’s south end, Dec. 13.

To the Editor,

Re: Another cell tower proposed for city’s south end, Dec. 13.

I wonder what Telus and Alcatel-Lucent (manufacturers of microwave antennas) are trying to hide when they buy a teeny-tiny ad, with teeny-tiny print so pale one can barely read it, to announce the construction of a new cell tower at 21 Cadillac Pl. (off Southside and Tenth Street).

This wonder of advertising appeared in the News Bulletin on Dec. 3.

Why hide under faint print that Telus is planning to microwave, on low, the people living in the new long-term care home on the other side of Tenth Street, the Applewood subdivision at the end of Ninth Street, both south end shopping malls, vets’ and chiropractors’ offices, the employees of St. Jean’s Cannery and Smokehouse and anyone else within reach of the carcinogenic, pulsating microwaves?

Why hide that these same pulsating microwaves cause very nasty cancers, DNA damage and sterility, and have been classified by the World Health Organization as a Class 2B carcinogen?

That exposing workers to Class 2B carcinogens is forbidden under WorkSafe B.C. regulation 5.57 if safer options are available?  That you’re ignoring Canadian Human Rights legislation that guarantees safety of the person, especially in their own homes?

We have 30 days to appeal to Alcatel-Lucent, in Burnaby, not to build it.

Thirty days, starting on Dec. 3, just when everyone is frantically Christmas shopping or going away on vacation.

Christel Martin