Taxpayers said no to HST prior to election

There is no need for the HST nor for raising taxes.

To the Editor,

There is no need for the HST nor for raising taxes. The problem is too many high-end politicians and their friends being paid such high salaries.

It is time to eliminate some of these people who the taxpayers are paying top dollar for.

We can start by eliminating so many expenses. What is wrong with conference calls instead of so many trips? That is what you do when money is tight – scrimp like the rest of us.

Next, eliminate pension plans. With the salaries politicians are being paid, they can certainly afford to look after their own retirement needs like the rest of us.

These threats that we the taxpayers will have to pay to remove the HST and reinstate the PST and GST is B.S.

The taxpayers said loud and clear that we didn’t want it at the beginning, but Gordon Campbell and Stephen Harper jammed it down our throats despite our wishes.

Any cost involved in reversing this should be paid out of the pockets of the people who put this into effect.

Don’t let them use scare tactics to get their way. Vote yes to get rid of the HST.

A. Audet