Taxpayers entitled to details of trade trip

I have to ask why neither the mayor nor Andre Sullivan would reveal with just whom they met?

To the Editor,

Re: Mayor envisions foreign dollars, Nov. 19.

I have to ask why neither the mayor nor Andre Sullivan would reveal with just whom they met? Surely the people who paid for this trip are entitled to learn what was or was not accomplished and general statements don’t cut it; we are entitled to specifics.

Mayor Bill McKay says he would like to participate in another four trips during the rest of his term and presumably he expects us, the taxpayers, to once again foot the bill. I for one will resent every cent of such an expenditure unless the mayor can convince me that it really is worth it.

Hopefully some potential investors will visit in the new year, however I have to hope that citizens will be given the opportunity to evaluate any multimillion-dollar proposals that may be forthcoming from China or anywhere else. Most of us enjoy the flavour of our community just the way it is and anyone who wishes to change it significantly had better be prepared to prove conclusively that such change would benefit our city.

Garry BradfordNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Mayor envisions foreign dollars, Nov. 19.

The thing that jumped out was the “unlocked a new pot of money” quote.

Well duh, I stayed here and know that there is a lot of money in China.

Why do we want to bring it here?  Do we not see what it’s done elsewhere? Vancouver house prices are merely one item on a long list of undesirable consequences. I moved here after Jim Pattison said he’d put Vancouver “on the map” with Expo ’86. Our rent in ’87 went up 25 per cent. We can trace our lifestyle impacts all the way back to that moment. He did put us on the map.

I want to tell our council and mayor to stay home and work, don’t be too fast to ruin what many of us came to Nanaimo for: affordable housing, space, less traffic, slower pace, time to live, etc. Already some of these are impacted.

Let’s all forget the Chinese investor, as we can see how it’s gone elsewhere.

Mr. Mayor, please stay home and work here.

George HoneNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Mayor isn’t best choice to represent city abroad, Letters, Nov. 10.

It was a shame that Mayor Bill McKay felt he had to follow the rest of the sheep to China with Premier Christy Clark as she once again tries to give more of our province away.

Her provincial nominee program does nothing for those of us born-and-raised B.C.ers who would love the opportunity to own an existing business here. Ten years ago, I would have jumped at the chance to learn a new business; I still would, if I had government backing. It wouldn’t take much for a government to purchase a business and allow someone local to run it, and build up some equity to be able to repay and take ownership.

If the mayor and city council ever get their collective acts together, maybe the space behind the conference centre would get filled, and just possibly, we could have a home-grown foot ferry.

We need to petition the B.C. Liberal government to start paying its share toward getting these projects started.

R. DouglasNanaimo