Stakeholders must find better option for basin

NANAIMO – City council has no jurisdiction over boat basin, but it does have a voice.

To the Editor,

Regarding the Nanaimo Boat Basin, it’s been only one year since the sale by the Nanaimo Port Authority to the Pacific Northwest Marina Group was made public.

We realize Nanaimo city council has no jurisdiction, but it does have a voice.

Beware of the future manifestations of the loss of public use to one of Nanaimo‘s choice spots  for at least half a generation.

Many Nanaimoites and visitors enjoy the basin as it is with such a variety of marine activity. This may be lost forever when a private enterprise has control of our waterfront.

Some residents of Protection Island will magnanimously be allowed to pay $250 per month, guaranteed for five years, to have a berth for boats, but must pay all up front.

A bargain at only $15,000. Many are pensioners with assets, but little cash flow. They may have to sell their boats to buy this berth.

This insane proposal must be scrapped and  another method to keep this wondrous area for public use be found.

Federal government money must support this basin’s operations rather than send billions of dollars to other parts of the world.

And where is our Conservative MP while this disaster is in the planning?

D. F. Connors