Some teachers deserve a wage increase, but not all

Since my kid started school there have been three strikes. Clearly, this is an indication that there are problems with the system.

To the Editor,

Re: Teachers vote on escalating to full-scale strike, June 10.

Since my kid started school there have been three strikes. That’s one every other year.

Clearly, this is an indication that there are problems with the system, and changes should be made.

Regarding wage increases, I am in support of the good teachers. I do feel that some teachers are more deserving than others in this area. Why can’t their salaries reflect the hard work they do, while the teachers who do not put in the extra effort stay at the same pay? Why does it have to be an all or none scenario?

I think there are too many positions for people in the school system who never deal directly with the children. This should change. Each person working for the school system should work directly with the children, at least part time. How else can they gain the understanding of how and where things could be improved for each individual child?

I feel that money and energy are mismanaged. Adults take the bulk of the resources; the children are left nothing but scraps.

Valentina Cardinallivia e-mail


To the Editor,

Re: No easy solution in education spat, Editorial, June 3.

There is an easy solution, but it would take mature adults without political agendas discussing and planning for the common good of all children.

Premier Christy Clark appears to have no respect or appreciation for our public education system. The dismissal of teachers’ concerns about class size and conditions shows an arrogance that values self-interest and political agenda more than professional experience and knowledge.

I am not a teacher, but I have been taught by some of the best. All children deserve their education to be a priority of government and society.

B. CooperNanaimo


To the Editor,

Re: Parents should protest education cuts, Letters, June 3.

If my memory serves me correctly, the last job action by teachers was all about respect (read: money).

This time around it’s all about the students (read: money).

I think, like so many others in B.C., that it’s time the government mandated teachers back to work immediately.

I believe teachers and all other public service employees often overlook who actually pays them.

With their endless vacation time on hand, which most of us can only dream of, perhaps it would bode well for teachers to rethink their strategy and be thankful for what they currently enjoy. And like all in public service, they enjoy plenty.

I am tired of seeing my taxes increase simply because a crowd of more than adequately paid employees wants even more.

Pat MaguireNanaimo