Safety of neighbourhoods at issue with social housing

Re: Respectful citizens have housing worries, Letters, Sept. 24.

To the Editor,

Re: Respectful citizens have housing worries, Letters, Sept. 24.

The ‘wet house’ issue is not about north Nanaimo versus south Nanaimo. It’s about people wanting to keep their neighbourhoods safe, no matter what part of the city they live in.

We all know drugs are in every neighbourhood. What people want is to improve their neighbourhoods.

We want our children and seniors to be safe. We want our homes to maintain their value. We all want the same things.

This issue is about Nanaimo council not listening to residents and taxpayers. The buck stops with city council. It offered up the locations to the province.

The city said it had limited choices. Has council not heard of selling property and buying appropriate land? We have wonderful realtors in Nanaimo that would have gladly helped council find appropriate land for these projects.

The hospital area has been fighting the proposed wet house on the corner of Dufferin and Boundary crescents since June 2010.

As I have said before, we will all end up in the hospital parking lot at some time in life. Sickness and babies don’t happen between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

I have asked question after question to no avail about safety issues for our neighbourhood. We have tried to get the school board to put a policy in place regarding wet house locations next to schools in all neighbourhoods to no avail.

There is an election coming. Whatever part of town you live in, make your voice heard by electing people who will listen to the community both on council and school board.

While everyone is in-fighting, the city is steamrolling along with their plans and not listening to the hard-working taxpayer.

Denise Goldsack