Respectful citizens have housing worries

Re: Social housing needed city-wide, Letters, Sept. 17.

To the Editor,

Re: Social housing needed city-wide, Letters, Sept. 17.

I live on the corner of Uplands Drive and Hammond Bay and am appalled and disgusted with the Uplands project.

How is it that Gord Fuller glorifies social living, when plain and simply it is wet housing? You have families, businesses, schools and the elderly all within a stone’s throw.

Why is it that those who have wasted their lives continue to get second chances and why are these individuals placed back into our society, a society of innocence?

In going through letters sent to the paper, it is amazing to me the lack of facts and weak comparisons that people are making to try and rally support for this project.

If this was such a supported idea from the community, why haven’t the people who will be running and assisting with such a supportive housing system stood up and voiced support? As well, if people believe the schools are in support of this, why are there not teachers and principals up stating their support?

It is the city’s responsibility to represent the citizens and that is what council agreed to when they accepted their job – to represent the people of Nanaimo, who are in essence, their customers.

I believe the community of Nanaimo has presented many valuable points of view on why citizens are not in favour of the Uplands project. Some are fueled by emotion but all are from respectful citizens of the community of Nanaimo and their voices should be heard and acted upon accordingly.

Paul Pipke