Railway walk photo sends poor message

NANAIMO: Photograph irresponsible and an invitation to disaster.

To the Editor,

The photograph used on the front page of the July 28 News Bulletin concerning the “water walk” is irresponsible and an invitation to disaster.

Never, ever walk on railway tracks and especially balanced on the rail.

I worked many years for CN Rail and can tell you first-hand many people are killed and seriously injured by walking the tracks and rails.

I will guarantee you have never seen an ankle bone destroyed by slipping off a rail – steel is very unforgiving and all it takes is one slip and the victim will never walk the same again.

How many unfortunate people have died right here on Vancouver Island by walking along the track, wearing ‘earbuds’ and oblivious to approaching trains?

Railway tracks are dangerous and to have a banner photograph of a person sauntering along the track, on the front page of this newspaper, is unforgivable.

For goodness sake, a little common sense please – it may save a life.

Walk the E&N Trail by all means, but stay off the tracks.

Richard Leadbetter