Questions on water-sharing plans boil over

NANAIMO – Re: Municipalities agree on water sharing deal, May 30.

To the Editor,

Re: Municipalities agree on water sharing deal, May 30.

At Monday’s council meeting this matter was tabled, ostensibly for the return of Coun. Fred Pattje.

One can only hope that there was more to it.

The report on this item was, at best, uninformative. Here we have another major issue brought forward as if it was trivial and again cloaked in the guise of ‘health and safety,’ though not this time for residents of Nanaimo.

Or will it be?

It is hard to know where to start to understand this issue and, even more important, its implications.

One that jumps to mind is that of the upper Lantzville Foothills Project and its lack of water. Is our generous offer to supply water to Upper Lantzville related in any way to this?

Is such a deal a precursor to an effort to amalgamate all or part of Lantzville into Nanaimo?

Does concluding such a deal mean that we are prepared to offer similar deals to other neighbours known to have water shortages?

The City of Nanaimo is currently involved in more than $100 million of water related projects. Are these expenditures in any way related to this deal?

The time to discuss where it ends is before we begin.

Citizens need to demand a full picture of where this path will lead before council makes a decision.

Ron Bolin