Province provides additional funding

Re: District hopes to recover lost EA money, July 12.

To the Editor,

Re: District hopes to recover lost EA money, July 12.

The provincial government must be accountable to taxpayers. The Ministry of Education regularly conducts compliance audits of school districts to ensure policies, the School Act and legislation are being followed. The audit process confirms district funding claims are in accordance with special needs policies, procedures and guidelines.

The article was correct in pointing out the ministry’s reporting guidelines are clear, and they will continue to be transparent so all B.C. school districts understand and follow the reporting process.

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District was one of six districts chosen to be audited in special education this year. It has not been audited in this category since 2002.

Ministry of Education staff continues to work with the district regarding the audit findings, and will continue to work closely with SD 68 staff regarding special needs reporting next year.

Our government believes students with special needs must have every opportunity to learn and achieve their best. In addition to per-student funding, supplemental funding for students with special needs has increased. Supplemental funding for 2010-11 was $382.9 million, an increase of $58.3 million from 2009-10.

George Abbott

Minister of Education