Proposed cuts support taxpayers

NANAIMO – Re: Councillor proposes late cuts to budget, April 25.

To the Editor,

Re: Councillor proposes late cuts to budget, April 25.

Thank you to Bill Bestwick, Jim Kipp and Bill McKay, the “three wise men”on city council, for putting forward their excellent proposal of saving $2.2 million in hard-earned taxpayers’ money.

As a Nanaimo homeowner, my property taxes have increased year after year, and not just by peanuts. Unfortunately, my income hasn’t.

I applaud Bestwick, Kipp, McKay on their proposal. All three have made good decisions in the past, and as a Nanaimo resident, one feels well represented by them.

Councillor George Anderson certainly likes spending money, especially when it is not his own, just like most young people in their early 20s. He enjoys putting himself in the spotlight at every occasion, using his good rhetoric skills.

So it was to be expected that Anderson would not let go of this great opportunity to add his two cents.

I hope a year and half from now Anderson will be disappointed and shocked to see the election results.

I can assure him, and five other councillors, I am not the only one tired of out-of-control municipal spending.

Where is their responsibility toward those who voted them into office?

Tanja V. Heipel