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Pro-HST arguments can be ridiculous

Re: FightHST spreading tax misinformation, Letters, June 11.

To the Editor,

Re: FightHST spreading tax misinformation, Letters, June 11.

Janet Irvine’s letter once again demonstrates how ridiculous the pro-HST advocates’ arguments can be.

It’s not just unions who can’t claim those HST rebates. We the people can’t. Unions represent the people most negatively affected by the HST.

This government has destroyed not only the forest industry that built this province but it is attempting to destroy the unions and workers’ rights so that business can prosper at our expense.

The pro-HST advocates are for the most part direct beneficiaries of the HST and therefore in a conflict of interest lacking any credibility. The other ones are being paid to say what they are saying in the form of advertising funded by our tax dollars.

The majority of British Columbians are not being fooled by this so-called fair tax alliance or those government ads.

The $250,000 Fight HST budget that you complain about is to date the best use of public money I have seen. It is nothing in comparison to the millions of tax dollars government is squandering on those ads.

I have a Fight HST button I wear that sparks conversation about the HST. I know what it does to people.

Serge Vaillancourt


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