Prime platform no place for voice

NANAIMO" Re: Perspective needed on Arctic melt, Opinion, Oct. 9.

To the Editor,

Re: Perspective needed on Arctic melt, Opinion, Oct. 9.

A quote from Wikipedia: According to the ICSC website, “Since its formation in 2007, ICSC has been funded and supported exclusively by private individuals… We have never received financial support from corporations, foundations or government.” Yet ICSC received $45,000 from the Heartland Institute in 2007, according to Heartland’s Form 990 for that year.

They “protest too loud.”

The Heartland Institute, if you carry on with research on funding, is funded by and dedicated to furthering the agenda of major industry, in particular oil.

While I appreciate that you also print David Suzuki’s columns, they are not featured on the doubtless much-read editorial page.

I must wonder at your featuring climate science denial in this manner.Please, the jury is no longer out, anthropogenic climate change is real.

And there is most certainly scientific consensus about that, whatever Ball and other fossil fuel industry mouthpieces may say.

Please do not give them such a prominent platform, they have enough and should have none at all.

Ernie Tomlinson

via e-mail