Playground funding field far from level

NANAIMO – Re: Two schools receive grants for playground equipment, Feb. 7.

To the Editor,

Re: Two schools receive grants for playground equipment, Feb. 7.

I’m have a problem with the way this article was written.

Yes, Park Avenue Elementary School’s playground is in sore need of improvements. Thank you for acknowledging how expensive this kind of endeavour is. All you get for $4,000 are some goal posts.

But writing the same story from a different point of view creates a different picture.

Georgia Avenue Elementary School recently received $25,000 in grant money where Park Avenue got nothing – not for lack of applying.

And now this new grant has been given again to Georgia Avenue. Park Avenue got some attention in its efforts so the school district threw the dog a bone in the form of a couple of goal posts. But we won’t have open access to this field evenings and weekends unless we pay for it.

From Park Avenue alumni and great-grand parents of current students, to outside support and crazy community support efforts, we are all working our butts off trying to scrape together enough for a new/better/safer playground for our fast-growing and expanding community.

Who are the key players and whose pockets are they in? I’m glad Georgia Avenue is getting funded, but just wish Park Avenue could feel some of that lovin’.

Laura McLean