Partygoers are heroes

NANAIMO – Re: Fire displaces nine residents, June 4.

To the Editor,

Re: Fire displaces nine residents, June 4.

I was present at the ‘house party’ that the article mentions.

I am slightly offended by the connotation that the party hindered the fire department and caused chaos.

In fact, two members of this party are responsible for freeing trapped members of the household from the burning building.

They put their own lives in danger to assist the family of the upper suite in escaping when pressure and smoke inside the house prohibited them from being able to pull the door open.

As the house members were brought to safety, they were provided with clothing off our backs, blankets and a safe haven away from the blaze.

I understand the fire department may have been caused an inconvenience, but in the six minutes it took them to arrive I am not sure whether the family would have been able to escape were it not for the courageous actions of members of our community.

Our main concern was getting everyone out, and to a safe place. I am thankful for everyone who was there in that moment and acted immediately.

Six minutes is a long time when it only takes 90 seconds for a house to be engulfed.

The firemen and volunteers acted with great integrity as always, but those in our community who went above and beyond should be commended for their actions, not chastised for causing chaos.

Hollie Galloway