Outpouring of praise for Layton surprising

Re: Layton remembered for passion, integrity, Aug. 30.

To the Editor,

Re: Layton remembered for passion, integrity, Aug. 30.

I am astonished by the reaction of many Canadians to the death of Jack Layton.

To be sure, he faced his illness with a degree of courage and his death was tragic, as is the case with any human or creature that succumbs to that dreaded disease.

What I find incredulous is that this particular politician has virtually been elevated to unwarranted god-status by the media and a number of Canadians, expounding on his leadership, integrity, strength, etc.

In reality, his political success was not based on the offer of sound policy that would benefit Canada nationally and internationally.

Rather, his socialist platform focused on and appealed to left-wing supporters who, by some strange rationale, consider that the Canadian government (the taxpayer) is responsible for their welfare.

In addition, the NDP realized Opposition status in Parliament because it secured 58 of the 75 seats in Quebec.

The Quebecois gave the nod to the NDP not because it was the best federal party for the nation, but because it was perceived the best option in pursuing even further concessions from the federal government.

Jack Layton’s contribution to the democratic process should be recognized, but in no greater degree than other federal politicians who have passed away.

Affording him a state funeral bordered on the ludicrous. This great honour is reserved for leaders of Winston Churchill’s stature. Jack Layton was no Winston Churchill.

Bill McRitchie