Organic recycling bins intended to be at no-charge

Re: Program costs for green bins don’t add up, Sept. 15.

To the Editor,

Re: Program costs for green bins don’t add up, Sept. 15.

Wendy Lueder’s letter on the green bin program most certainly requires a response.

Clearly she must have missed the information provided by the city in its publication Waste Line about there being no charge for the green bins, as the cost is covered from a reserve fund of the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Imagine that, all the negative talk about how expensive the program has become and now, finally, we are informed that there is no charge to the taxpayer for the bins.

Surely it must also be true that the fancy new trucks purchased by the city for the waste collection were available at no charge, because the funds were somehow found in some mysterious reserve fund provided by a generous and anonymous benefactor, the same one who is funding the RDN.

And of course the city staff, including and especially the individual who wrote to and informed taxpayers about the no-charge program, did so on their own free time and did not receive salary and benefits for the veracity provided in the publication.

Wayne Schulstad