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Opponents cloud issue of Lantzville land-use bylaw

As a resident of Lantzville, I have a challenge

To the Editor,

As a resident of Lantzville, I have a challenge for anyone connected with, or in agreement with the Friends of Urban Agriculture Lantzville group.

If FUAL has the answer to the conflict that has led to the proposed Lantzville bylaw, and it will take into account the rights and privileges of the entire surrounding neighbourhood, then let’s hear it.

I was at the public hearing for Lantzville residents regarding the proposed bylaw, and witnessed a dog and pony show staged by FUAL, parading a long line of speakers from other communities against the proposed bylaw.

If they feel they have the right to speak regarding our bylaws, then let’s hear their constructive answer to the problem.

All the out-of-town speakers talked about saving the world’s food supply, feeding our children, growing locally, but not one mentioned respecting neighbours’ rights, safety of children in the area with increased traffic on a no-through street, increases in rodents attracted to raw manure piles, possible contamination of surrounding ground water supply due to leaching of raw manure through the gravel base.

This proposed bylaw puts no restrictions on growing food for personal consumption and is intended to address a legitimate problem with regards to a commercial business operating on residential property within a residential neighbourhood.

The small commercial farm at the centre of this dispute has been operating for the past few years and neighbours affected have tried to reach a compromise to their concerns, but to no avail.

This bylaw may not be perfect, but it is a good step in trying to address an escalating dispute within the community and it tries to take in the concerns of all involved. Using the need for locally grown produce as a means of clouding the issue of a commercial operation in a residential neighbourhood is not constructive, and only serves to fuel emotional arguments between both sides.

Steve Brown