Oliver property full of potential

NANAIMO – Large portion of land acquired by city truly precious.

To the Editor,

It’s encouraging that the large portion of land off Oliver Road, acquired by the city from the school district in May, is good for wildlife and park enthusiasts.

I wish to suggest my vision for that area which I have frequented for decades.

It is truly a precious, untouched piece of wilderness within the city with resident wood ducks, a common Merganser with three chicks, red winged blackbirds and violet green swallows.

Further, the space from behind Oliver Woods Centre to the slope behind Randerson Ridge Elementary School graduates through six different ecosystems, all documented by biologist/ecologist Ron Beuchert of Qualicum in 2000 in a report still available. What a wonderful, nearby, natural educational display.

It’s important this area be designed as an educational experience with, perhaps, a library display within, or outside Oliver Woods Centre. Any intrusive signs within the wetland area would be undesirable. Trails that are set back from the water’s edge would preserve the pond and all its natural sites.

It’s also important this = be properly preserved in view of the ruined waterway/wetland at Linley Point off Rutherford Road.

There is no longer wildlife there as it has disgracefully become a forest wasteland with thousands of alder plants and invasive scotch broom. Also, brookwood marsh gasps.

The people of Nanaimo would enjoy a meditative place amongst busy lives.

Betty Shaw