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OK for logo design a “foolish” decision

NANAIMO: Re: Parents angry over logo cost, Sept. 18.

To the Editor,

Re: Parents angry over logo cost, Sept. 18.

With all the cuts to education, trustees at the Nanaimo school district are going to dip into that bottomless bank known as the parent or taxpayer and foolishly spend $24,000 on designing a new school district logo.

How about hiring someone to pick up a paint brush and paint the words Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools on all school district vehicles? I’m sure there is a local sign painter that can handle the job in a professional and quality manner.

And board chairman Jamie Brennan is right about people looking for a change in the district – we would really like to have elected officials stop spending money that is not their’s to spend on pet peeve projects.

Another idea that would prove to our kids that education is a priority and they are the bright minds of the future is to have a contest for graphic arts students at Vancouver Island University who want to believe that they will be rewarded with opportunities in the future.

The school district could pick the best logo and contribute $2,000-$5,000 toward the winner’s college education. What better way to show that the school district, as district spokeswoman Donna Reimer says, is working to focus the entire district on improving student learning and success for all students.

If the school district spends $24,233 on a simple logo, parents will definitely not be pleased that trustees hastily made the decision without much thought process.

How much more money will it cost us to have either the logo painted on, or decals attached to, all school district vehicles, not to mention new letterheads, business cards, etc.?

The taxpayers are complete fools if they believe the $24,233 will be the final bill.

Doug Wristen


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