No mark up on B.C. natural gas costs

NANAIMO – Re: Commission stamps out common rates, March 30.

To the Editor,

Re: Commission stamps out common rates, March 30.

The article regarding the B.C. Utilities Commission’s decision denying Fortis B.C.’s application to implement common natural gas rates makes reference to the costs customers pay for natural gas in Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

However, the article does not clarify that the rate for Vancouver Island residents is a bundled rate that includes the cost of gas and delivery.

The rate the article references for Lower Mainland customers reflects only the cost of gas charges.

It is important to note that Fortis B.C. does not mark up the cost of gas and that our customers pay what we pay for natural gas.

Fortis B.C. is disappointed with the BCUC decision as we believe common rates would bring greater rate stability, simplicity, and efficiency.

We will work to find ways to keep rates for all customers balanced and reasonable as we continue to provide service to our customers across B.C.

Natural gas is still an economical fuel choice when compared with other sources like oil.

Carol Greaves

Fortis B.C.