New mayor should rethink city projects

Perhaps we could reuse this vast amount of wasted space in the conference centre by turning it into the long-awaited hotel.

To the Editor,

Re: Councillors call for report about conference centre, Dec. 16.

What a relief it was to read that Mayor Bill McKay, supported by at least some councillors, is going to take a close, hard look at what our conference centre actually is, “a building twice as big as it needs to be or two or three times bigger than it should be.”

Perhaps we could reuse this vast amount of wasted space by turning it into the long-awaited hotel that once again a proposed developer has put on hold.

Edwin TurnerNanaimo


To the Editor,

Before we spend a couple more million on parkland, let’s take a look at the mess of ugly, distracting, no-class intersections covered with junky two-by-four signs, and have a look at the very welcoming entrance to Parksville.

Nanaimo is literally built on coal. Why don’t we build a scaled-down pithead scene with a short slope to the north of Georgia Park? Nanaimo history, and a good tourist stop.

It is a lovely place to live, but we sure have had some bad leadership. Frank Ney was the leader who put us on the map. I wish the new mayor well. He sounds like a leader.

Give up a coffee or two and fix up our city. Lower taxes won’t do it.

Jack PrestleyNanaimo