Morden Mine important to city’s culture

NANAIMO – Re: Morden Mine worth saving, Letters, May 26.

To the Editor:

Re: Morden Mine worth saving, Letters, May 26.

Coal created the economy of this town, brought prosperity to it and caused us, and all the immigrants before us, to make this our home. Think about that.

All over B.C. there are many communities which love to blow their horn about their past and culture. Barkerville comes to mind, but even Victoria and Chemainus are good examples. These communities apparently understand the importance of history and culture, as well as the obvious tourism potential.

The City of Nanaimo has a Culture and Heritage Department. What is the Morden Mine if not one of the finest examples of Nanaimo’s culture?

Amid all the finger pointing between the various levels of government as to whose responsibility it is, this whole point has been lost.

I call upon the City of Nanaimo to lead the fight to preserve the Morden Mine for future generations before it’s too late.

Eric McLean