Mental illness carries consequences

NANAIMO – More government funds must be devoted to treatment, care and rehabilitation for mentally ill people.

To the Editor,

No doubt, most of those standing at the cenotaphs on Nov. 11 had the senseless death in Ottawa of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo on their minds; his killer was another mentally deranged man who had served jail time while pleading for help with his drug addiction, and met his death in dramatic fashion in our Parliament’s Centre Block. Ironically, the psychotic killer managed to galvanize a nation to attend cenotaph services remembering those killed in wars, just as Canada wages war against ISIS in Iraq costing upwards of $250,000 per day, and dropping bombs that cost about $40,000 each.

Will all those who recoil and react to an awful killing, be willing to galvanize together and insist that more government funds are devoted to treatment, care and rehabilitation of the mentally ill?

Bernie Smith