Mayor’s absence noticeable

To the Editor,

Re: Cuban ambassador to visit Nanaimo, May 28.

I attended the gathering, held in a local church and found the assemblage extremely informative.

The ambassador, a charming lady representing Cuba, expressed her delight of seeing our city, however, she also spoke knowledgeably about her island nation.

Many locals travel to Cuba for vacations and return with happy memories.

The mayor of Nanaimo, who by the way is in the travel business and must sell a few journeys to that Caribbean island, did not have the courtesy to welcome a senior representative of a foreign nation. A major blunder, rarely forgiven in more sophisticated societies – he probably was still exhausted from his splendid acting on the arrival of a cruise ship.

It shows once again how poorly and unmannerly our administration is equipped to deal with increasing global relationships.

H.  Godau