Marijuana addiction mythology

Re:Trustee’s past not something to laugh off, Letters, Dec. 15.

To the Editor,

Re:Trustee’s past not something to laugh off, Letters, Dec. 15.

Madeline Bruce has a lot of unknowns, but still seems to have the capacity to achieve her predetermined results regardless of her ignorance of the matter.

Marijuana addiction is a myth. These teens she refers to are forced by the courts into rehab.

If you have the choice, you’ll take a week of courses for anaddiction you don’y actually have instead of serving jail time or getting a criminal record.

Who wouldn’t take that option?

Her instructions to start children off at the age of two is ridiculous, but when they turn 18, they should have the choice of what they wish to do with their lives and their bodies.

School trustee Bill Bard paid the price for his involvement with marijuana to the courts, I see no need for him to give his blood to Bruce or trustee Donna Allen.

The fact that he had charges was public knowledge that Allen had the opportunity to adddress during the run for the school board seat. She had her chance, now it sounds like sour grapes.

Bruce should know better than she apparently does, the effects of marijuana and its therapeutic benefits.

N.B. deWaal

Port Alberni


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