Lots of questions left on smart meter plans

Re: Dumb leaders attack smart meters, B.C. Views, Oct. 6.

To the Editor,

Re: Dumb leaders attack smart meters, B.C. Views, Oct. 6.

Ironically enough, directly above B.C. Views from Tom Fletcher’s picture is a cartoon depicting none other than Christy Clark, the dumb leader supporting smart meters.

It should be noted there are some errors in Fletcher’s views.

Rich Coleman said at the UBCM they had spent $400 million so far – sounds like the HST having to pay back $1.6 billion when they hadn’t collected it all yet.

I pray for another citizen’s initiative.

Simply put, if B.C. Hydro has to sneak around B.C. Utilities Commission, they are hiding something, end of story.

No more bought-and-paid-for comments will convince the public that bad is good.

If you want to believe B.C. Hydro’s commercials, think again. Remember those stick man commercials? More wasted tax dollars.

And what are they doing with the analog meters that had years of service yet to provide at no extra cost?

I urge readers to inform themselves and look up smart meters wherever they can.

Precautionary measures must be taken. The dumb leaders will just push forward at any cost.

Serge Vaillancourt