Liberals’ idea of a raise is to return wage cuts

NANAIMO: Ministers are setting off BS detectors all over the province.

To the Editor,

Is it right for the provincial government to say “co-operative gains” when they really mean I have to take the money from my own pocket … give it to them so they might give it back to me as a moderate pay increase?

Notwithstanding, this is the government that tore up a legally-bargained contact, rolled social services sector unions’ wages in the health care industry back 15 per cent and then threatened to fine and imprison us if we didn’t get our butts promptly back to work.

Trust Christy Clark and her government? That’s a hard pill to swallow.  How much of that money will we actually get back in a raise?

The better question is why should we give ourselves a pay raise by giving up our pensions and other benefits?

The fact is we make $1.29 per hour less now than we did in 2002. I know for a fact MLA wages are more than a little higher today than those earned in 2002. Give me a break about leading by example. That’s hogwash.

Ministers are setting off BS detectors all over the province and a May election is coming soon.

Ken Bennett