Liberal pay hike demonstrates Clark’s concern for families

NANAIMO – Re: Pay increases hard to justify, Opinion, June 13.

To the Editor,

Re: Pay increases hard to justify, Opinion, June 13.

After the previous provincial election Gordon Campbell – who had made no note of the harmonized sales tax – suddenly burst this expensive new tax on British Columbians.

It led to his downfall.

Now, after the recent election, Christy Clark – who had made no notice of the pay increases of senior political staff – dropped this expensive bombshell on British Columbians.

The pay increase are well above anything in the private sector and with benefits, is too expensive for the beleaguered taxpayer. It’s unreasonable and unaffordable.

One reads of children going hungry because they can’t avail themselves of the school luncheon program in summer.

Is this how Clark will treat all non-government citizens?

Campbell’s HST debacle was his undoing.

Is ‘Rewardgate’ to be Clark’s demise?

D. F. Connors