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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Transit exchange will bring crime

Letter writers think multiple bus shelters on Terminal will add to public safety concerns
Citizens, at a rally last month, protest the city’s plans to move the downtown transit exchange from Front Street to Terminal Avenue. (News Bulletin file photo)

To the editor,

Re: Citizens protest plans for transit exchange on Terminal Avenue, Feb. 15.

Do not put the transit exchange on Terminal Avenue across the street from the Italian fountain. Don’t the City of Nanaimo and the Regional District of Nanaimo remember what happened at the fountain and why it’s now fenced off?

Social disorder is out of control. I see street people lighting fires and doing needles all over that area and if you put in multiple bus shelters and washrooms it will definitely become home to more crime and the city and RDN will be responsible.

Fran Mirandas, Nanaimo

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To the editor,

The latest kerfuffle: proposing to construct a bus exchange in a parking lot that customers of businesses, like myself, use. If this happens, I simply will not come downtown again.

Not many years ago, the city used taxpayer money to put a parking lot on Selby Street, as the Old City Quarter needed/wanted a lot.

You now have the Victoria Crescent area with a parking lot customers use, but which the city wants to remove. Not fair. And don’t tell me to park under the conference centre with all the defecation and shady folks around every corner.

Leave the bus depot where it is at the Port Drive lands or move it a hundred yards closer to the water’s edge. It makes much more sense and wisdom to build an exchange next to the water where the new fast ferry, the train tracks and thousands of new apartment and condo dwellers will soon be living and need modes of transportation – if you don’t want them having hundreds of cars with a bunch of lots and garages and all the exhaust fumes.

C.L. Cavanagh, Nanaimo

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